Yellowish transparent liquid


Content of Active Substance (%)



pH value



Density (g/ml)


Performance characteristics
1. Serve as a broad-spectrum, long-lasting biocide to kill many bacteria, fungi and yeasts; applicable in solutions of the pH value in the range of 2.0-12.0.
2. Miscible with water and alcohol; can be added at any production step; its low toxicity and an appropriate concentration of using will cause no harm.
3. Cause no residue after discharge, and no accumulation of pollution to environment; not combustible and easy to transport and use.
4. Good compatibility with all kinds of emulsifiers, surfactants and protein.
5. Colorless and odorless; can be used in cosmetics; contain no formaldehyde and VOC.
Usage andCautions 
1. For use in cosmetics, body care products, and other daily chemicals, the concentration of using is in the range of 0.05-0.40% (w/w) depending on the storage environment and whether the product is susceptible to the destroy of microorganisms. The specific formula and instructions for the concentration of using will be based on the company's microbial technology division
2. It can be added at any production step; but it's suggested to be added at the final step at less than 50 ; avoid adding at a temperature of higher than 50 .
3. Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and goggles and masks, avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
1,000 kg per IBC drum, 200 kg per drum.
Storage and Transportation 
To be stored at room temperature in a dark place; with a shelf time of one year