Yellow or palm tree yellow and transparent solution


pH value@ 1%



Density (g/ml)


Application field
Compliant deckle, water handles realm
Performance characteristics
1. Serve as a broad-spectrum, highly efficient, and eco-friendly bactericide.
2. Contain no heavy metals; miscible with water and easy to use.
3. Applicable in the medium of the pH value in a wide range.
4. Can clinch to generate the paper hole eye, melasma and deeply and only click and break a paper problem because of Fu slurry
5. Raise paper mass, the toxicity is low and can cut a solution, can't bring about stain on environment
Usage andCautions 
1. Added at the parts of slurry pools and white water circulation systems. Depending on difference in the kinds of paper to be made, the operating environments of paper-making machines (for example, pH value, temperature), additives, raw materials, loss of paper, and flow conditions, the instructions for the appropriate amount of using will be offered by the company based on a reasonable assessment. The ideal amount is 10-20 ppm (with the benchmark being the recycled white water amount for the production of one ton of paper)
2. Avoid direct contact with the eyes; once the contact happens, rinse eyes with water immediately. No long-term contact with the skin is allowed.
3. Any contact with reducible metals is forbidden during storage, for example, iron and aluminum, so as to avoid decomposition.
4. Any combination of this chemical with highly nucleophilic chemicals, like S2- and R-NH2, will lead to declined quality or even complete failure of the product.   
250 kg per drum
Storage and Transportation 
With a shelf time of one year when stored at room temperature in a dark, air-tight, and moisture-proof place