Yellowish transparent liquid


pH value@ 1%



Density (g/ml)


Application field
The deckle, oil chemical engineering, electric power, central air condition, industrial cyclic transformation cooling water handles, water system amid.
Performance characteristics
1. Is wide the table efficiently kill to put out a various germs, fungi, yeast fungus
2. The pH range of appliance is extensive, 4.0-8.0 all can use
3. Mix with water to dissolve, easily operation.
4. When exist organic matter, non- ion and Yin in the system, cation surface live agent, all don't effect to suppress germ effect, also can't each other generates a Jie anti- action.At egg white contents less than 10% formula amid, can have really fine antisepsis to act.
5. The toxicity is low, use a concentration to full harmless
6. The emissions has no vestigital, can't result in accumulate to pollute vs the environment
7. Is non-combustible to burn, be easy to a carriage, use convenience
Usage andCautions 
1. In the systems, such as oil chemical engineering, electric power, central air condition and industrial cyclic transformation cooling water...etc., generally the addition measures for the 20-100 ppms and is decided by whether the system is easily subjected to stain of germ, fungi and Zao etc., accuracy addition quantity can from my company chemistry microorganism technique centre on trial get
2. The energy uses in more extensive pH 4.0-8.0 range internal helps and go to neutral range by acid the best.Under the heat and the alkaline condition instability, in the sun only shone on a color to become deeply.
3. Can go together with majority of surfaces live agent five, but have in water system-the matter of SH radicle regiment, such as the quasi Guang ammonia acis etc., will lower of suppress a germ activity.  
250 kg per drum
Storage and Transportation 
To be stored at room temperature in a dark place; with a shelf time of one year